Theme and Streams

Theme: Personalized Learning for All

This year our streams define special interest groups, and our theme looks at how to keep Moodle personal and participants engaged. Here are some examples of the types of active presentations we're looking for:

  • Keeping it personal with a large or small group; 
  • Scenarios demonstrating different Moodle tools for different groups;
  • Modelling flexible learning approaches with Moodle tools;  
  • Demonstrating collaboration with Moodle tools to enhance learning eg:  glossary, wiki, discussion board;
  • Promoting  interaction between interest groups;
  • Learner choice in achieving outcomes and or competencies; and
  • Encouraging various forms of feedback to create learner independence

Interest Groups

Presentations and workshops will be organized according to interest groups:

  • K-12 Teacher:  If you work in a private or public school setting
  • Higher Education (post-secondary) instructor: Private and public college & university instructor;
  • Trainer:  If you work in a corporate or not-for-profit environment;
  • Instructional Designer:  If you are a web page or theme designer;
  • Moodle Community Manager Moodle; If you manage a Moodle site
  • Technical Administrator; If you provide the technical support
  • Corporate: If you work at a business or corporation that uses Moodle for its employee training;  
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