Toronto Moodle Moot 2018 Presentations

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Presenter || Présentateur Cindy Plunkett
Organization || Organisation Baycrest Health Sciences
Biography || Biographie

Cindy Plunkett is Manager of eLearning and Educational Technologies at Baycrest Health Sciences and the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation. She is also the Executive Director of Finance for the eACH Conference, and a professor in the graduate studies programs for Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto, and the Education Faculty at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Title ||Titre Team-Based Learning in Moodle
Description || Description

A critical focus in helping older adults age safely is staff education aimed at reducing responsive behaviours.  Baycrest created a unique solution using 3 key elements: an online social environment, team-based cohort education, and the usage of virtual patient simulation.  The Dual Code, Moodle-based platform was used to host this program due to its unique ability to support social interactions, collaboration, and connections in the learning process to effectively cultivate both the constructivist and connectivist approach required.

Outcomes || Objectifs

How to leverage Moodle cohorts to promote team engagement and communication.

How to blend various forms of online learning within a single program to encourage interactivity.

Length || Format Conference Session (45 min.) || Séance de 45 min.
Type || Type Presentation || Présentation
Target group || Groupe cible Trainer ||
Instructional Designer || Concepteur pédagogique
Special Interest Group: Please Specify below || Autre groupe d’intérêt: Précisez
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