Toronto Moodle Moot 2018 Presentations

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Presenter || Présentateur Joan Coy
Organization || Organisation Self-employed
Biography || Biographie

Joan works as an Independent Educational Consultant with a focus on on-line and blended learning and is based in Northwestern Alberta. Her Moodle site to support these activities is

Joan began her teaching career with Athabasca University, then a number of years teaching at a rural K to 12 school and finally the online school, PAVE. As retired Principal of PAVE, she provides support to on-line educators provincially, nationally and internationally.

Joan created a mini book intended for new instructors using the Moodle Quiz Module. It was published in January 2013 by Packt Publishing.

Title ||Titre Personalizing Healthcare Training for Rural Alaska
Description || Description

In this session, we will examine strategies for facilitating the training needs of rural Alaska Native health care workers. The culturally responsive curriculum and the related teaching materials aimed at allowing them to access training in their villages. We will examine a project that developed a comprehensive, accredited online training program based on the current ANTHC Tobacco Treatment Specialist in-person program. We will discuss successes and challenges and the pros and cons of offering asynchronous online vs hybrid blended courses. Come prepared to share your ideas.

Outcomes || Objectifs

Share strategies for personalizing training for healthcare workers.

Share criteria for choosing either online or hybrid blended delivery options.

Length || Format Conference Session (45 min.) || Séance de 45 min.
Type || Type Presentation || Présentation
Discussion || Discussion
Target group || Groupe cible Higher Education (post secondary) instructor || Enseignement supérieur - enseignant, formateur
Trainer ||
Instructional Designer || Concepteur pédagogique
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