Toronto Moodle Moot 2018 Presentations

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Presenter || Présentateur Richard Wallace
Organization || Organisation Chemlearn
Biography || Biographie

Richard Wallace is passionate about the community, environment and education.  Having been raised in the Adelaide hills on 5 acres his love of gardening was inspired by his grand fathers "Beautiful haven" in Crafers that always bought much pleasure and produce to the family.  During his time at Adelaide University, studying Psychology (BA) Richard ran his own gardening business which then continued for another 10 years.


After years of travelling and working as a Seismologist for the British government in Scotland, Richard returned to Australia to complete an IT Adv Dip in computing.  After setting up the Student Association at TAFE with some of his fellow students, Richard saw an opportunity to use the "World Wide Wed" to spread the word of students as well as help in the way they learned.  Richard was employed by TAFE to setup a state wide learning portal which was subsequently used by students, teachers and counsellors.


Richard lectured at TAFE part time for 5 years while also delving into online learning, from where he became a specialist in the delivery and development of online content "with an educators background, not a programmers background", founding Wallace Web Design and Development(WWDaD) in 2003.  WWDaD now has many large organisations as clients such as the ABC, Bridgestone, Sa Health and others who benefit from his professional development and support of clean, concise and meaningful online education, known to specialise in content for "low Literacy and ESL learners", using visually appealing and fun learning materials.


Richard is involved in many community organisations, such as the local school council, CFS, sporting clubs, Sight For All and the Uraidla Sustainability Fair which he founder 10 years ago, which promotes and using local produce (growing it yourself), low energy usage, low water usage and generally promoting the benefits of the environment to all.

Title ||Titre Moodle Sub Courses for Dummies
Description || Description

Moodle Sub-courses are a powerful way of pulling in results from different courses into other courses, or one main "mother course" that can be used to easily show where students are up to and what their current grades are in a number of different courses.

An example of how this is used will be explained as well as a quick "how to" on setting this up in your own moodle instance.

Outcomes || Objectifs

How to amalgamate grades using the Moodle Subcourses plugin

Length || Format Conference Session (20 min.) || Séance de 20 min.
Conference Session (45 min.) || Séance de 45 min.
Type || Type Hands On: How Moodle Works || Mains sur les touches: Comment fonctionne Moodle
Target group || Groupe cible K-12 Teacher || Élémentaire et secondaire - enseignant
Higher Education (post secondary) instructor || Enseignement supérieur - enseignant, formateur
Trainer ||
Instructional Designer || Concepteur pédagogique
Corporate || Secteur corporatif
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