Toronto Moodle Moot 2018 Presentations

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Presenter || Présentateur Fernando Oliveira
Organization || Organisation Rosedale Academy
Biography || Biographie

Fernando Oliveira is a teacher, instructional designer and plug-in developer.  Over the last 15 years, Fernando has worked with schools, colleges and universities to develop online learning environments and programs that suite the needs of their respective learning communities. Currently, Fernando holds the position of Director or Education Technology at Rosedale Academy. As a long-time Moodle user and developer, Fernando has a special interest in plug-in development and other customisations that take Moodle "out of the box".  

Title ||Titre The Fantastic 4 Plugins
Description || Description

In this presentation, we will explore how these 4 plugins can improve the look and function of your Moodle site for administrators, instructors and students alike.  

  • Marking Manager – Make grading easier for teachers through a centralized interface that does more than manage marks and provide feedback.
  • Mentor Manager – Allow mentors and parents to see student progress across all courses without compromising course privacy. Allow administrators to send automated messages to students based on academic performance or last login.
  • My Progress report – Provide students with a quick status report at the course level that indicates which activities have been submitted, graded or not completed.
  • Tabs Course Format –  Use tabs to present course sections that are easy to navigate. Provide students with a more user-friendly way of tracking their progress.

These plugins can help take your Moodle site to a whole new level. Don’t just take my word for it. Bring your laptops and see these plugins in action!

Outcomes || Objectifs

In this session, you will find out what these plugins can do for your Moodle site. This will be a hands-on presentation so bring your laptop. 

Length || Format Conference Session (45 min.) || Séance de 45 min.
Type || Type Presentation || Présentation
Discussion || Discussion
Hands On: Making Moodle Work || Mains sur les touches: Comment faire fonctionner Moodle
Target group || Groupe cible K-12 Teacher || Élémentaire et secondaire - enseignant
Higher Education (post secondary) instructor || Enseignement supérieur - enseignant, formateur
Trainer ||
Moodle Community Manager || Gestionnaire de communauté Moodle
Corporate || Secteur corporatif
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