Toronto Moodle Moot 2018 Presentations

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Presenter || Présentateur Mathew Gancarz
Organization || Organisation de Souza Institute - University Health Network
Biography || Biographie

Mathew Gancarz leads the Information Technology (IT) Operations at de Souza Institute where he manages the technology platforms and course development team. He is the primary Moodle administrator and is always looking to leverage automation and technology to improve the learner experience.

Joy Brusich is de Souza Institute’s senior application specialist, playing a vital role in providing a complete learner’s experience by delivering customized web applications that support the institute's operations.

Title ||Titre Succeeding at Delivering Healthcare Courses
Description || Description

de Souza Institute offers health care professionals across Canada online courses to standardize training in cancer and palliative care. This session will demo how we deliver both semestered and on-demand, start any time courses using Moodle. We will also dive into the anatomy of a complex, hybrid delivery standardized chemotherapy training program, including how we utilize Moodle's web services API to automatically grade and create groups in courses in combination with a custom student information system.

Outcomes || Objectifs

1. Challenges and potential solutions to delivering continuing education for health care professionals using Moodle

2. How Moodle's Web services API can be leveraged to save administration time

Length || Format Conference Session (45 min.) || Séance de 45 min.
Type || Type Presentation || Présentation
Discussion || Discussion
Target group || Groupe cible Higher Education (post secondary) instructor || Enseignement supérieur - enseignant, formateur
Moodle Technical Administrator || Administrateur Moodle
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